Celebrating the Saints

Welcome to Living Discipleship: Celebrating the Saints.

Through Celebrating the Saints, you will meet thirty new saintly companions over the course of a program year. You will learn about church history, as we trace the development of the Church over time through the lives of some of its most faithful followers. You will learn about the spread of the Church around the world, as you study saints from near and far and see the faith that unites them all. You will learn about all the different ways that the love of God in Christ has been made manifest in different times and places by vastly different people: in martyrs, monks, and musicians; through peasants, poets, and politicians.

You will learn, as you meet the saints on this journey, that they are not the stained glass figures you might imagine them to be. Every single one of the saints was a living, breathing, flawed human being, not so different from us. And yet, these saints managed to allow God’s grace to work in them such that Christ’s light shone brightly in their lives. They were witnesses to the world of the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the saints you encounter will inspire you to follow Jesus in new ways, so that you can be a witness of the Good News of God in Christ. Perhaps you will invite the saints to pray for you and with you, for they are companions with us in our earthly pilgrimage, the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us even now. Perhaps you will come to know Jesus more deeply, as you see him reflected in the lives and witness of those who have gone before us in the faith.

Celebrating the Saints: Downloadable Course (Adult/Youth)
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For young children and families:

Meet the Saints: Downloadable Facilitator’s Guide and Family Storybook

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Meet the Saints: Family Storybook
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Using this printed, full-color version of the Meet the Saints: Family Storybook families can together unveil how Christ’s light has shone brightly in the lives of men and women through centuries. Join a journey with the saints and your family, learning more about the monks, missionaries, prophets, doctors, evangelists, and more who have led us on our way.

Meet the Saints: Family Storybook is available for purchase here.