Exploring the Bible: Resources

On this page, you will find links to helpful resources that come from the course materials.

Chapter 1: God Saw That It Was Good

Chapter 2: The Sign of the Covenant

Chapter 3: The Ancestor of a Multitude

Chapter 4: Joseph Had a Dream

Chapter 5: I AM WHO I AM

Chapter 6: The Waters Were Divided

Chapter 7: The Wall Fell Down Flat

Chapter 8: The Lord Raised Up Judges

Chapter 9: Speak, for Your Servant Is Listening

Chapter 10: Determine to Have a King

Chapter 11: A Man After God’s Own Heart

Chapter 12: The Wisdom of God Was in Him

Chapter 13: Here I Am: Send Me

Chapter 14: Daniel: Servant of the Living God

Chapter 15: Go Up and Rebuild

Chapter 16: Good News of Great Joy

Chapter 17: Follow Me

Chapter 18: Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom

Chapter 19: Crucify Him!

Chapter 20: We Have Seen the Lord

Chapter 21: Filled with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 22: Grace May Abound

Chapter 23: Be Doers of the Word

Chapter 24: The Alpha and the Omega