Exploring the Bible

Through Living Discipleship: Exploring the Bible, you will discover anew the wonderful, rich, extraordinary, sometimes mysterious story of the Bible: the story of how God creates, redeems, and sustains us, a story of hope. As people join in reading the Bible together, as the whole Church listens for what God has to say to us, we deepen our life together and live more fully into the people God intends us to be. Scripture is God’s word, God’s communication to us. Through Living Discipleship: Exploring the Bible, our church engages in a faithful act of listening: listening to the story of salvation, told from the beginning of time; listening to what God has said to faithful women and men around the world and through the ages; and listening to what God is saying to us, here and now, through these most holy stories.

Exploring the Bible: Downloadable Course (Adult/Youth)
Download the full course for free or review a sample.
Also available in Spanish.

*See below for a family-friendly version of this course, to be used in conjunction with the Adult/Youth course, or on it’s own.

Related Resources:

The Path: A Journey Through the Bible

The Path: A Journey Through the Bible
Cost: $22/each | Bulk rates start at 10 copies
View a sample
The story of the Bible, excerpted from the New Revised Standard Version so that it is clear and easy to read. Follow the path of God’s love all the way from the beginning to the end, from Adam’s creation to John’s revelation.

The Path is available for purchase here.

The Path: Family Storybook
Cost: $12/each | Bulk rates start at 10 copies
View a sample
Explore the greatest stories of all as a family. This storybook recounts the major stories of the Bible, from creation to revelation, in a way that engages children (and those who love them).

The Path: Family Storybook is available for purchase here.

*Congregations and families with younger children can still participate in the Exploring the Bible course, using The Path: Family Storybook and free downloadable facilitator’s guide. Each session corresponds with the Adult/Youth course, but on an interactive level better suited for younger children. This ensures that the entire family can participate and go home having “learned the same thing in Sunday school.” Download the free family facilitator’s guide here, or review a sample.

Pathways of Faith: An All-ages Coloring Book
Cost: $12/each | Bulk rates start at 10 copies
View a sample
A coloring book for all ages—but especially for adults who may have forgotten the simple joys of creating. Relax and restore as you spend time coloring these original illustrations that capture the amazing stories of the Bible and God’s love for us.

Pathways of Faith is available for purchase here.

La senda: Un recorrido por la Biblia
Costo: $22

Sigue los pasos de mujeres y hombres fieles que se han esforzado por seguir el llamado de Dios. La senda presenta de forma clara y sencilla la extensa historia de la Biblia utilizando extractos tomados de la versión Dios Habla Hoy. Al leerla, seguirás la senda del amor de Dios de principio a fin, desde la creación de Adán y Eva hasta el Apocalipsis de Juan de Patmos.

Habrá “señales” o notas marginales en el camino que te ayudarán a comprender cómo encajan todas las partes del relato. Leer La senda será una experiencia extraordinaria que te dará una vista panorámica de la gran historia del amor de Dios.

Disponible aquí